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Natural Pebble 

Natural mechanisms pebbles:
Granite, Marble and Quartz start as raw material, this is then processed in tumbling machines to give all our pebbles it’s smooth finish and specific size requirements.
Dimensions: 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-50mm, 50-100mm, 100-150mm, or as customer's require size.

1) Packing 1: 1MT Bulk Woven Bag.
2) Packing 2: Packed in 20KG plastic bag then in Bulk Woven Bag ( or on Wooden Pallets ) .

GBLP01-Snow White

GBLP02-Black Basalt Pebble

GBLP03-Yellow Sesame

GBLP04-White Sesame

GBLP05-Grey Jade

GBLP06-China Red

GBLP06-Light Red

GBLP07-Desert Yellow

GBLP08-Soybean Yellow

GBLP09-Sea Blue

GBLP10- Yellow Vein


GBLP12-Green Jade

GBLP13-Cyan Jade

GBLP14-Mix Color

GBLP15-Ocean Green

GBLP16-Yellow Green

GBLP17-Pear White

GBLP18-White & Black

GBLP19-Rainbow Sandstone

GBLP20-River Pebble


GBLP22-Cherry Flower Red

GBLP23-Flat Black Pebble

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Pebble Packaging

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