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Granite Grill 

* Stone grill

* Natural stone

* Keep the food warm for a long time

* Low carbon environmental protection, easy to clean

Borrello Stone is a professional manufacturer and exporter concerned with the design, development and production of stone kitchenware and stone tableware. Our company has large and advanced mining equipment, processing all kinds stone bowl, stone pot, stone plates and other related products. Our company integrates raw material collection, production, processing and mining. Our products are environmentally friendly, high temperature resistant and radiation resistant.

Stone Grill (BSKP01)

 BSKP01-2440  D24 x H 4.0cm
 BSKP01-2640  D26 x H 4.0cm
 BSKP01-2840  D28 x H 4.0cm
 BSKP01-3040  D30 x H 4.0cm

Stone Grill (BSKP02)

 BSKP02-23550  D23.5 x H 5.0cm

Stone Grill (BSKP03)

 BSKP03-2430  D24 x H 3.0cm
 BSKP03-2630  D26 x H 3.0cm
 BSKP03-2830  D28 x H 3.0cm
 BSKP03-3030  D30 x H 3.0cm
 BSKP03-3230  D32 x H 3.0cm

Stone Grill (BSKP04)

 BSKP04-1870  D18 x H 7.0cm
 BSKP04-2075  D20 x H 7.5cm
 BSKP04-2280  D22 x H 8.0cm
 BSKP04-2482  D24 x H 8.2cm
 BSKP04-2685  D26 x H 8.5cm
 BSKP04-2890  D28 x H 9.0cm
 BSKP04-3010  D30 x H 10cm

Stone Grill (BSKP05)

 BSKP05-2040  D20 x H 4.0cm
 BSKP05-2440  D24 x H 4.0cm

Stone Grill (BSKP06)

 BSKP06-32  D=32cm

Stone Grill (BSKP07)

 BSKP07-2610  D26 x H 10cm
 BSKP07-3610  D36 x H 10cm

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