Glowstone is synthetic aggregate, based on photoluminescent pigment and synthetic resin. when exposed to light sources, the photoluminescent pigment within Glowstone become chemically excited and will afterglow (i.e.glow in the dark), initially very strongly, then reducing slowly overnight. The glow is best seen in a dark area, where ambient light sources such as streetlights and moonlight are absent.

Glowstone is for use in Concrete, Paver and Terrazzo Products as an exposed aggregate.
Glowstone enhances safety by marking the pathway in Low Light Level conditions.
In daylight the Glowstone has colour of yellow-green, dark blue and light blue color and can be supplied in affter-glow colours of sky blue and blue-green.


Glowstone Color: 

Glowstone Sand (Day)

Glowstone Sand (Night)

Glowstone Beads (Day)

Glowstone Beads (Night)

Glowstone Gravel 01 (Day)

Glowstone Gravel 01 (Night)

Glowstone Gravel 02 (Day)

Glowstone Gravel 02 (Night)

Glowstone Gravel 03 (Day)

Glowstone Gravel 03 (Night)


Glowstone construction technology process:


Glowstone for paver:


Glowstone Packaging: